Products: 10ft x 8ft shed




Detailed Information

All our sheds are hand made on site by ourselves. For the sides we use 11mm thick interlocking tongue and groove planks, they are clamped together during assembly to get a good tight joint between each one. The frames that the sides are fastened to are made from 3”×2” timber and we space these around 16” apart. Cheaper less well made sheds will often be made from thinner planks not clamped properly and the frames can be spaced too far apart meaning they are prone to warping and leaking etc.
The nails holding the planks on our sheds are 50mm galvanised and we drill pilot holes before they are hammered in so that the wood doesn’t split.
Our floors are made from 20mm thick tongue and groove floorboards again clamped and fastened with 50mm galvanised nails onto tanalised joists. The roof panels are made using 11mm thick sheets of OSB sterling board fastened onto 3”×2” frames, we use bitumen roof felt which is melted on with a blowtorch NOT the cheaper nail on felt which you always see flapping about on cheap sheds on a windy day. To finish them off we use Cuprinol paint which is available in a variety of colours. Included in the price is delivery and assembly, all you need to do is provide a solid base for us to put it on.
If you would like windows (fixed or opening), double doors (glazed or not), stable doors, extra doors, guttering, overhanging eaves, verandas or anything else extra or different then please do get in touch and we will be happy to discuss your requirements.

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