Our Students

Meet our students at Louth Interskill

We give opportunities to people with learning difficulties to experience a real life working experience in an environment that is understanding of their needs.  We enable our students to broaden their practical skills as well as their social and communication skills and help them to develop new friendships.  Students also have the opportunity to work in the shop with support from staff.

All of our students come form Louth or the surrounding area and attend Interskill from just 1 day a week up to 5 days per week. Our students have varying abilities and work is allocated to them according to their skill level and support requirements. All of our students get to experience a real life work environment and work alongside our experienced staff to produce high quality items within specific timescales. Everyone get the opportunity to take part in both a wide range of constructive tasks such as shed making, fencing and painting as well as craft activities creating products to sell in our shop.

We are open from Monday to Friday from 8.30am – 3.30pm so you can come as often as you want from 1 day to 5 days a week.  We offer a pick up and drop off service to those living in Louth.

We have a flat rate of £41 per day which is usually funded by the person’s individual budget.

If you are interested in becoming part of our team please give us a call where we can arrange to meet to discuss your individual needs.

Why are they so important?

They are behind all the projects at Louth Interskill and they are doing a great job!

In making our products students take part in lots of construction methods including preparation of sizes of timber, design of sheds and summer houses, nailing, screwing boards and frames together and also finalising such as felt roofing and painting.

Our students also make hardwood and soft wood seats. Staff and students often go on site to build sheds and fencing improving their skills even more. Our workshops are busy and vibrant places to work and we have a lot of fun during the working day.

What do we give in return?

At least twice a year we organise social activities and days out for everyone and we also attend the Special Olympics.

Our Team

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